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Larry McCormic Owner & Founder of Monotone Music is a electronic music veteran and has been producing for over 30 years. He is especially world renowned for his particular genre of music called Electro, but in the end he is something like of, an entrepreneur and this site sells a lot of his not only music but fan favorites like T-Shirts, and other products.

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What we did

1. Strategic Study of Industry to determine best style

2. Site Proposal and Time Frames

3. Contracts Signed we commenced to forge the web site

4. Deployed WooComerce for Product sales

5. Completed all Dev, Graphic & Design complete with GA & GSC

6. Larry got one month of changes if he desired

Image of the site

Over the years

Our job is never really done it just depends on what the client wants in this case he wanted more of a business card web site and store he could directly send him fan base too. As a music producer he already runs difrent channel and knows all about how to market himself via more traditional means and had been doing so for decades.

He has done well to expand his fame and web presence over the years as he calls upon us every now and then to work something out on the site but has been rolling solid for about 4 years now.

Level asked as to help

— Take their product look to the next level

— Build a site with a simple UI & UX

— Match his in industry prominence with interactive products

— Generate connections via email marketing for his fan base

His most important element was the branding on the home page. It sells itself from there. Eastyn custom gateways for his products that are clean and simple make his site fast, simple, and a real joy to use.

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