Palm Beach Grill Center

Complete Digitally Driven Marketing Client


Palm Beach Grill Center is a digital entity that drives its business 100% digitally. This entity site represents 2 brick and motor store fronts. It all started with the mothership over at Grill Tanks Plus and after years of success and hitting the 7 digit mark, these 2 locations were easily opened and success was fast; headed for a 7 digit year in its very first year do to the complete marketing and digital business development this client was in for our complete package. If you just let us at it, we get you there!

Out of Delray Beach Florida Palm Beach Grill Center is the subsidiary company for Grill Tanks Plus.

The Complete Package - All Services

• Web Development & Design

• All Branding and Color Choices

• Pay For Click Advertising on AdWords & Facebook

• Search Engine Optimization

• Web Development & Design

• All Video Animation and Brand Commercials

• All Customer Relations Management & I.T. CDN Deployment

We've Had work to do

We made sure to make use of all of our prior work on the mother ship brand and strategically borrowed power from it in order to speed the success of the 2 daughter companies up. It worked quite well as both shops blew up very quickly.

This is the 1 and a half year old subsidiary of a brand we built for 6 years and already in its first year is bound to hit the 7 digit net mark.

Level asked as to help

— Create a Brand New Digital & Physical Entity right from Choosing the best name to branding

— Create SEO strategic site systems and in this rank for money keywords

— All video productions and manual outreach for Backlinks

— Social and Complete internet brand management

We made many videos for this brand and you can see them in the video gallery we have on our site as well. But here you're looking at the kind of creative branding we are capable of and the power of YouTube Marketing is only increasing!

Further Video Productions can be in found in our blogs Video's Gallery.

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